Heatwave: 5 Easy Tips on How to Survive

Amritsar: People shield themselves from the scorching sun as the temperatures soar to 44 degrees in Amritsar, on June 1, 2019.(Photo: IANS)

Heat waves are rolling across the country there is hot summer weather—and then there are heat waves. Much like other natural disasters, heat waves can be very dangerous according to a report published by Indian meteorologists in 2021, heat waves have killed over 17,000 people in 50 years.

But what are heat waves? The extreme weather phenomenon occurs when temperatures cross 40 degrees Celsius in the plains, 37 degrees Celsius in coastal areas, and 35 degrees Celsius in the hills. A heatwave can cause dizziness, vomiting, headache, dehydration, sunburn, and even heat stroke. It is, therefore, imperative to take necessary steps to protect yourself from falling sick, especially for those who cannot avoid stepping out.

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